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On giving advice

Speak when you are spoken to. That was a well-meaning advice that our elders have said often. Of course Alice got into trouble arguing about it with the Queen. I would like to amend it.

Speak when you are spoken to – if it is a request for advice then do not. In corporate circles it is generally recommended not to give advice unless asked for. I would say never give advice. They have strange ways to kick in the back side. It is as if what you say goes forward and bends around the globe and up again and before you realize it – wham! You have a kick – in the back side as I had said before.

The strategy recommend is to turnaround after the advice and face it squarely saying ‘What advice? I never gave any of it!’. There was this great man who you used to predict the gender of the child before it was born and note it down too. If the prediction was correct then it was hunky dory, however if it was wrong and people came back to him with a complaint, he would open his notebook and say ‘See here in the notebook, I was right.’

But not all of us are so clever. Hence I suggest that advice should not be given. There is a saying in Tamil that transliterates to ‘Beat the dog and clean the poop’. When you beat the dog and it gets scared and poops, who has to clean it?

No point lamenting – Advice anagrams to I caved – denoting the result of giving an advice.




5 thoughts on “On giving advice

  1. aaah!! I get it!!

    Posted by KARTHIK ESWARAN | August 5, 2012, 12:31 am
  2. i disagree. I often think that people should defend their standpoints. this is especially true with children. I think the “speak when spoken to” ideology can be damaging to children’s intellectual growth and hinders the development of critical and analytical thinking skills. children should be asked their opinion because it fosters divergent thinking.

    people should think carefully about their opinions and their advice and use it when appropriate. granted spewing off ill-thought-out advice is damaging to all parties involved, but particularly in a corporate world, people should express their opinions and people, when confident in their answers and confident in their intellectual capabilities, should definitely share.

    if nobody speaks, nothing gets done. period.

    Posted by tarrtarr | August 5, 2012, 1:56 am
  3. But u r giving us this advice on not giving advice!

    Posted by Abhijit Sanyal | August 5, 2012, 12:17 pm

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