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Creatures of habit

We are creatures of habit
Who needs change?

Yes change from work
Binge at Joe’s Diner
A movie perhaps
A fling away from home
But we are creatures of habit
We do not change
The same dammed cereal
The same brand of underwear

Coffee in the morning
Can’t do the big job without
Must know what’s cooking
Has lovely Sally come to office?

Requires courage to change
Change our own stereotype
What will people think of me?
A Tomahawk cut? or Blue lenses?

Why not the 8:23 instead of 8:18?
Naw! I miss Miss Robinson
And I want to avoid uptight Upjohn
Is the answer

How often will Windows change?
I am happy with IE6 and XP
But hey the new Iphone is it cheap?
So much? bleep bleep.

I think we are essentially lazy
To change, whatever the range
A stern – or else
Does the trick

I lost weight
For my height
The consequences so dire
Akin to what happened at J Bagh (Dyer get it?)

May be anthropologists, social networking gurus, the shrink and the boson-hunter can get together and answer my question – are we creatures of habit?



One thought on “Creatures of habit

  1. Good one!!!

    Posted by Alby Antony | August 3, 2012, 4:57 pm

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