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How to avoid defeat in the games?

The Summer Games was this time in the southern hemisphere when it was the winter in the north. All plans were on and in place, like the well oiled bicycle quite unlike Mr. Spooner’s. All athletes were well-chosen.

After all only the august may march in the summer months down under.

Then disaster struck. The favourite speedster, the 100m specialist reported with athlete’s foot. The tennis whiz was upset. He had the tennis elbow.

The disaster continued. They had to discuss urgently the discus thrower’s lineup. The swimmer’s hopes of a medal sank and his spirit dampened as he lost his lucky swimsuit. The archer bowed too low during the reception and arched his back and pulled some string with a twang reportedly. The heavyweight hopeful had diarrhea and lost weight enough to move out of his weight category.

What can a country do? To add to all these, the flag was shown upside down. They protested and walked out of the Games. To this day nobody knows whether they could have won any medals.



One thought on “How to avoid defeat in the games?

  1. i heard that the hammer thrower got nailed … and the steeple chaser lost his religion.

    Posted by narayan | August 1, 2012, 5:54 pm

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