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When the Northern Grid was down…

We never make hay while the sun shines
We moonshine when we can
A score would go blind
Some with Yama bind

We make merry when the black’s out
Xeroxes become 10 bucks a page
While the traffic is in a rage
Lots to do, meetings to postpone
Get to the phone

Bills are handmade
Shortages are manmade
Fingers point promptly away from one self
The man who draws first is the winner
Such was the case in the Wild West
It still continues here at the very best

Metro stops, burning Trains
Ah it rains
Sitting in the IT office with a gen-set
At my works behest
When the oil is over
I too will look at the electric tover

An example of poetic license
Should not make the reader incense



One thought on “When the Northern Grid was down…

  1. You could also have a candle light dinner with your best friend…..

    Posted by Arup Gupta | July 30, 2012, 8:24 pm

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