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Chalo Ghoos Jateh Hain !

I was introduced to Ada Quonsett the ultimate in gate-crashing fictionally speaking bought out by none other than the inimitable Arthur Hailey in his Airport – a book I just read a week back. It was action replay when I read about how the young boy Liam Corcoran beat all the odds of the security and manage to create a story for himself.

And now another one beat all the security in high places and managed to literally standout in the process by being a ‘part’ of the Indian contingent in the Olympic parade!. It is not uncommon to become braver when it is a matter of the tum-tum and there is a veritable rat inside. Hunger makes us brave.  It made Oliver ask for more. There he made history in the orphanage.

Liam wanted to use the toilet. Both were calls of nature as it were. Ada Quonsett was not able to pay and the passion to go to a place was simply too much. She was a ‘regular’. But the lady in red & blue? I wonder what her motivation was. Hog the lime light or just passing through – whatever it was it gave the Indian powers a bone of contention, the local press something to laugh at and the media in India a deviation from mundane acts of restoring statues which have been beheaded and a respite from reporting regular news. I can almost see the next episode of ‘The week that wasn’t’.

The worst feeling is to go to a counter after ages of waiting and be told ‘sorry it is over’. Recently a gentleman walking ahead of me at Homebase went and picked up all the 42 hangers. I was told to please return in a week. It is quiet frustrating. You are frustrated and have to keep quiet. Who will you complain to?

Long ago in one of the quite places in the Bombay suburb I and a friend of mine went and had a bite in Gokul Niwas where a bash was going on. As I had said before the matter of tum-tum is not easy to manage.  After much debate between the right moral behaviour and the wrong aspect of going hungry, the wrong aspect won and he sealed our next course of action by saying ‘Chalo Ghoos Jateh Hain!’.



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