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Digital Behaviour

Are you digitally active?

Once upon a time we were busy studying for the examination, washing clothes, attending door bells, doing homework, going to the friends to pick up books, going to the post office, paying bills. But now it has all changed. We are still busy. We are busy spending time before a panel measuring perhaps 9 sq inches to perhaps 9 sq ft. (Here, we are still comfortable with Imperial system).

We are active not on the field but we are digitally active. It is best described by the cartoon I received in my FB page shown here.  Verbs such as answer, buy, communicate, correspond, debate, discuss, inform, learn, meet, pay, plan, sermonize, see, teach, understand and view have metamorphosed into a few, email, call, chat, message, lookup, post, and tweet. If I put my mind to it I am sure I can expand the previous list and reduce the latter.

As you see we are digitally active! It is very much understood and tolerated if you tell someone you were busy on the laptop.  You miss anyone loitering in the doorway if he is busy on the phone but if some is just standing doing nothing chances are high that you notice.

Today it was unusually sunny in the morning. With the promise of a well awaited sunshine the Elder downstairs asked me where I was going when he met me in the corridor as I was leaving for work. When I told him I was going to my office, he wished me a good day and added that he was not sure that he wished me well as going to work did not sound the same as ‘having a good day’. I was amused more so because he disappeared in the direction of the ‘Leathern Bottle’ a local with decent ale. But then I was not too unhappy, after all I was working in front the looking-glass. You do not believe it? Your laptop has a camera and it looks right?  To borrow a few words from “This Is Going to Hurt Just a Little Bitby Ogden Nash,

Because some works are physical and some are mental
One that is truly both is digital.




One thought on “Are you digitally active?

  1. Nice post

    Posted by Mahadevan | July 27, 2012, 10:00 am

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