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Olympic Torch Relay

There will be the Olympic Torch relay tomorrow. Something I believe that I would never have a chance to see or be a part of.

It is a half hour event in Godalming. The interesting thing was preparation for the event. While I am sure the relay itself would have required enormous planning, the micro planning at each council level is what amazed me.

Days before the event the motorists were warned of the impending event and notices had been put up. All no-parking notices for the event have been put up.

The local commerce has geared up to make hay while the sun will probably shine. The British flag adorns all the lamp posts and the windows of the houses on the street. The local Three Lions I am sure will do a good business. The High street will be chock-a-bloc for that half hour. The Fish & Chips must have planned a nice surprise for the fish lovers. Perhaps they will introduce a Fish-on-the-run snack.

We will leave early from the office. How often can we be a witness to an Olympic Torch Relay? Hope to get a good view of the event and hopefully some good pictures as well.

There will sports events like the classic Egg & Spoon!, plenty of ales and cider, cupcake and muffins. I am sure the tea bar of which I had spoken about before and I am not allowed in yet… will also have its fair share of customers – all above 55!

Afterwards? If I have the time, I shall ruminate on Obamaism, Vogon Poetry and  listen to Crocodile Rock!



One thought on “Olympic Torch Relay

  1. Very well composed piece. Goes down like a good ale while not being a tale. While Vogon poetry is apt to be painful and crocorock may be ok for some, must you ruminate on the third topic?

    Happy torching.

    Posted by Rajagopal | July 19, 2012, 5:49 pm

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