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Me and my batch mates

When I was amongst the Bongs many perhaps banded me as a πq chelay – the local epithet for a peculiar chap. Who could blame them? At that time I used believe that paradox were two PhDs and trespassing was something that happened when women with long hair combed themselves. Such perspective on a language had its terrible outcomes. I never could finish a crossword without wandering off and coming up with answers that my fellow crossword solvers would give me that funny look much akin like the one Rip Van Winkle received when he woke up.

Trivia became a passion and I spent a lot of time looking for oddities among evenly ordered sets. Dedekind cuts I believed was a way to solve simultaneous equations very rapidly until a kind soul – my math professor – told not so kindly that I was not cutting any ice with him and I wanted good grades I better read up well and to add insult to my injury he said Dedekind was into number theory.

I cashed in, dropped the math subject and took up Appreciation of Architecture instead. Of course if you made a bed with three legs then that is it. Architecture could only be appreciated, the only close thing to architectural in nature was when I when designed a cow shed.

That too was a disaster. The professor told me that had I built it the way I had designed, the cows would have shed their horns and the milk would have turned sour – much like the experience the farmer had when Cacofonix walked by in Asterix and Normans. Thankfully he had not read Asterix then.

Computing was a rage then and I spent days in the computer room on borrowed time. I borrowed other people’s time which they were not using; after all the operating system then advocated such a practice. It was called RSTS/E. Very well-meaning – it stood for Resource sharing Time Sharing Environment. I shared all the time and resources I could gather and soon what I ever I said to my batch mates sounded geek and Latin. Like Lord Mauleverer who loved Latin irregular verbs for the sake of  his friend the Owl of the Remove, my batch mates too were tolerant and they inserted the R and made do with whatever little Greek they knew – which was not much .

My batch mates went far and wide and did great many things. One became a house hold world in the bowling alley. Another spent most time in the greens so much so that out mind boggled at his ability to manage the celebrity status and he has become a cynosure for all the young eyes. They are also spread far and wide I had said, one I suspect is keeping Australia clean and another is weighing anchor in Anchorage. But then I could be wrong. If you remember I was a πq chelay and sometimes I get my wires crossed.

Thanks 81,83 & 85.



2 thoughts on “Me and my batch mates

  1. I used to think that a paradox were the doctors in the locality (para). Loved your definition of trespassers. No wonder NIIT welcomes them so warmly. What could be better than recruiting women with long hair passing through?

    Posted by G Krishnamurthy | July 15, 2012, 10:01 am
  2. Some of the stuff you mention is really historical. RSTS is something Digital forgot by 1973, as they started pushing TOPS-10 and VAX/ VMS. Lord Mauleverer and Bunter – although Mark Linley was more likely to be the expert on irregular verbs. Great to read about all these things!

    Posted by G Krishnamurthy | July 15, 2012, 11:04 am

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