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What makes your day?

I often wonder when people say “you have made my day” or “my day is made” what do they mean by that?  I suppose it depends largely on the person himself. Take a business executive for example. His day would be made if the elusive large order drops on him suddenly or his customer calls him up and whispers “Your cheque is ready”.  This thing changes so very often. Something nagging us suddenly clears and then for a while all is well and that is when we are prompted to say ‘my day is made’. Remember it is only a day. We never say my month is made or my week is made.

Do we need this positive kita daily?

I often need something to boost my general wellbeing on Mondays and Tuesdays. Thursday and Fridays I look forward to the week-end.  On Wednesdays I feel like one proverbial cat on the fence. No wonder Germans call it Mittwoch. One thing is a really worthwhile. I would like to see a very limited emails waiting for me on Mondays. That should make my day. It is usually though a spoken word or a gesture that truly elevates you.

A friend of mine put up his photo on Facebook. While I expected people to say ‘Oh you looked so young and dashing’ or such similar common place comment, a student of his commented that he had found his lectures worth attending. A simple ‘I had not thought of that before!’  is also an effective booster.

A call from a long lost friend  or  a shop keeper telling  you ‘It all right you pay me later’ for some is heaven send. Getting a gift when least expected would perhaps rate high on the popular mood elevators.

But then we have a saying ‘chuma paruppu veguma?’ (Does the grain cook by itself?). Many a time we let our baser self take over and suspect the gifter (a poetic license obtained to use this word)  rather than appreciating the gift.



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