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A 24 Hour Strip club

The only local strip club wants to do this and I quote…

“It wants to change the name to Redd Lips and open around the clock, seven days a week, rather than until 4am as at present.”

Obviously many people in the neighbourhood are concerned, worried and upset. They believe that the neighbourhood will lose its moral score and it will spoil the minds of the upcoming new generation in the neighbourhood and the neighbours’ of the neighbourhood as well.

While there is a ‘seize the sleaze’ argument on there is also the ‘We see no harm’ counterargument coming from the commerce. Understandable after all it is a counter argument. I was intrigued. I have seen 24 hour bars. After all how many drink all day? Those who attempt have to sleep some time I argued. No it is seems many drink in shifts and surprise surprise, we have happy hours. So you keep awake, take advantage of happy hours and then sleep when others who are frequenting the local are not happy and the cycle goes on.

In the happy hours there are many options. Buy 1 get 1 free is popular. Convert the half pint to pint for only 1p is another. Chips on the house, if you order by the pitcher. Cricket fans order the bowler however.

I was intrigued as I said earlier, but not because of all these, I was intrigued because I was wondering the form happy hours would take in a 24 hour strip club. Care to imagine? There is a nice bar – a tea bar as I had said earlier only for citizens above 55. Come when you haven’t shaved, carry a Penang lawyer (that too I had advised before) and you will pass as a senior citizen and we can ruminate on the form. We will wait till the proposal is accepted and then who needs tea?




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