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Breathe, Drink, Eat… and Browse

San Luis a province in Argentina has decided that it is a constitutional right for everyone in its province to have access to broadband… Free. While Finland has made it a constitutional right, it has not made it free yet.

This in my opinion is the first step towards the Star Trek world of free knowledge. Freedom of speech exists at least in most parts of the world. Freedom of speech implies freedom of communication. So it is a natural consequence of this that results in enabling broadband as a ‘legal right’.

I wonder, if this catches on and say all of Europe goes ahead implementing it some fashion, the effect on countries such as China, India, Myanmar and North Korea. In what fashion would USA implement it? What would the definition of literacy mean under these new conditions?

In the digital world, I see three R’s (Saint Augustine’s Version) undergoing change. Reading yes, Writing would need to be seen as typing, and using T9. Arithmetic – what is arithmetic? By the way what would solitary confinement mean? No broadband access? Perhaps only 5 minutes a day? Just like sunshine…



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