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What was that again?

Smith, the patent lawyer was trying to putt and putting in the golf ball was the only thing on his mind.Not even the patent leather shoes distracted him. Putin politics played a tiny part in his thinking right now. He was in a brown study. His colleague, the lawyer from Penang, and a friend from college, was in the Red study, was a great follower of Russian politics. Jon the Polish manservant was busy polishing his Penang lawyer with the black lacquer specially imported from China. The walking stick was his family heirloom and Smith wanted it be kept always polished.

It was nearing tea time and today’s tea service the blue bone china, purportedly copied from the Ming original. Smith closed his putting and teeing practice and proceeded to have tea. John the lawyer from Penang also joined the tea party. He immediately accosted Smith to enquire about the recruitment of the business analyst. He and Smith were keen to make the mobile application venture they had started a successful one.   The recruitment of the mobile business analyst was crucial to a successful operation. He wanted the incumbent to handle all of Asia Pac region and Smith other hand wanted him to work from Singapore and oversee only Singapore operations. Hence this debate of a mobile mobile business analyst versus the stationary mobile business analyst was becoming ugly. Quite a contrast to the debate they had had about the stationary stationery business analyst and the mobile stationery business analyst. Jon the manservant could bear it no longer. He being a graduate of a well-known management institute in anetherworld, threw caution to wind and decided to intervene. He created the time-tested two by two matrix as follows.

He said “The market forces have to be plotted here using the multi-dimensional techniques developed by Professor Loney in the lonely planet of Backwash. Using this technique it is plain that the best strategy is to have a stationary stationery business analyst and a mobile mobile business analyst. If it fails we can reverse the polarity of the mobility and the sessile. Amen.”

PS: This was written in a lighter vein with a view to overcome the varicose effects of a heavier artery and after listening to and reading the wisdoms of frank close friends.



3 thoughts on “What was that again?

  1. This is like the architect who loved creating complex agglomerations of buildings and was said to suffer from a complex complex complex.

    Posted by G Krishnamurthy | May 11, 2012, 6:15 pm
  2. Very nice – I’d forgotten your brand of humour – thanks for reminding me.

    Posted by Sunil Raghavan | May 16, 2012, 3:59 pm


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