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Why I left Krypton (and joined Daily Planet…)

Now that is the news I would probably end up reading if things go as I see it. Goldman Sachs and Google are in the news already as why they were left by somebody. May be they are right in leaving their respective work place. I must admit it also makes a good reading. But look at the possible trend it can create. Why I left Iraq? A posthumous rendering of why I left earth? Or as mundane as why I left Foster’s beer or why I left my spouse? In Indian context we may have why I left the Railways? Or an ex-sportsperson writing why I left the Conclave without attending it?

Now you get my drift. Be watchful there would at least ten more “Why I left…” in the news in next few days. So there…. BTW google (verb means Search using Google) it and see some interesting take on this.




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