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Things to do when you have nothing to do…

Asimov in his work “Catch that Rabbit” relates how a robot twiddles its thumbs. We too do the equivalent of twiddling our thumbs when we have nothing to do. I hardly see anyone who really has nothing to do. Idle yes, nothing to do? – No.

Often I complain that there are many pending activities and that I am bored. I often wonder how that is possible. Lazy perhaps? Inertia?  Could be. So that lead me to ask what would one do when really there is nothing to be done? There are many things and those come under the category of important-not-at-all-urgent category!

Throw those pens…

At office and at home these pens have an amazing habit of accumulating. The twist is when you need them, when someone on the phone is telling you to note something, they are invisible. Cheap pens received at the conference, trade promotions, dried pens that are old, pens with no refills inside… all these accumulate and occupy the recess in the draw. They snuggly lie in the pen stands, lie at the bottom of your back pack and I am sure in other places as well. Add to these the board markers which are dried out and only adorn the white board.

Shred or discard those printouts

Often we all with good intentions and in earnest take printouts of a report – “I would like read in peace at home”. Sounds familiar? What happens after that is simple; we read it may be for a few minutes and the whole set along with the paper clips vanishes in the office bag or a file holder. Use the shredder or tear them up and dispose. Also do not forget those small conference pads.

Bills, receipts and ATM notifications

This is applicable to cars as well. For every transaction at the ATM or the 711 stores we pickup bills and receipts highway toll tickets, parking tickets, flyers and a whole lot promotions that all go in the whirlpool called the glove compartment, or the ubiquitous in-tray. I would consider them to be the ideal candidates for removal.


This one is applicable at homes and probably at the office. The refrigerator attracts all those notes, new restaurant menus, chocolate and candy wrappers all begging to be disposed and giving you the precious space that is well and truly hidden.

Medicines and other OTC items

Long and forgotten medicine blister packs, expired eye drops, old insulin containers are other items in the medicine chest. First aid boxes at office are another source which houses expired drugs, dated band-aids and unused old bandages.

Add to these items of memorabilia, useless toys, long lost postcards, and now old mobiles, chargers, pouches, old wallets and also before I forget all the invalid items in your wardrobe..

So next time you have nothing to do ….



4 thoughts on “Things to do when you have nothing to do…

  1. Eshu, Blogging is also a good palliative or “ilaj” for this condition. Woody

    Posted by Rajagopal K | March 13, 2012, 3:58 pm
  2. At the risk of being branded a feminist you will find lesser women complaining that they have nothing to do as compared to men.. It will be on the contrary so much to do that you do not know which to put on the back burner .. 🙂

    Posted by nklata | March 15, 2012, 1:10 pm
  3. I have these ‘n’ number of blogs and other tabs open in my browser..which i keep aside for that so called ‘idle’ time. though as lata says..there is never a time when we hv nothing to do.

    Posted by Jyoti Venkatesh | April 17, 2013, 4:11 pm


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