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Beating the cruciverbalist (Crossword made easy)

Before you give up – a cruciverbalist is constructor of crosswords.

Doing the daily crosswords is a very fascinating way to spend with the early morning coffee. You experience exhilaration when you crack a difficult clue. A sip and – another clue bites the dust.

However things are not as easy enough. Either I am getting old or the crosswords are getting more difficult. Some of the clues are rank atrocious. The rationale is known only to the setter. So I decided I must even the odds a bit. This is where I located three very good helpers. Absolutely marvelous.

Fi*l in the bl**ks

This site is very interesting. It lets you search for word patterns. For example if you want a want a word that is six letters long and the second and the fourth letter is known to be ‘o’ what would you do? Simple you just enter *o*o** and it lists out all the words that match the criteria. Isn’t that useful? It is a killjoy for the puritan, but the joy of kicking the setter – priceless.

I, Rearrangement Server (Internet Anagram Server)

This site started by Anu Garg is a brilliant work for those difficult-tip-of-tongue anagrams. Simply the best for avoiding brain haemorrhage. Enter any letter combination, set length of constituent words. Choose simple English words or obscure English words and out comes all the possible anagrams.

Look up Wordweb

This nifty application is great for looking up meanings, synonyms, antonyms etc. Keep the cursor on the word you want the meaning of. Ctrl+right click on the mouse and the meaning pops up. All these are available along with options to look up Wikitionary and Wikipedia.

Next time you be prepared to fight the setter!!



2 thoughts on “Beating the cruciverbalist (Crossword made easy)

  1. Conflict between last blog and this one?

    Posted by dhananjay | February 28, 2012, 12:18 pm

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