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What is in store for requirements gathering?

What will year 2012 has in store for RG? The way I see there is not much change in the process. However the content will change. With increasing connected-ness between business entities within and without the organizations, it is but natural to expect that the business are increasingly unable to predict their business state neither in terms of products, prices, policies and position.

Look at the curtain raiser for CES 2012. The sheer offerings are so vast that one will probably wear out your seven league shoes looking the show.

Businesses are increasingly becoming complex and traditional ability talk about requirements are vanishing. More and more of the business community have started to factor in the innate chaotic behavior of the elements around them and demanding applications that can begin tackling the same. These application are going different and will have to address domains in the fringes of chaos? Who would expected the runaway success of Angry Birds or the Indian sub-continent music phenomena of ‘Kolaveri Di’. The importance of small world networks are now in focus. Mathematics and understanding of behavior are being improved with learning from natural world for example ant colony, Swarm behavior and recently Slime mold behavior.

In this background how would requirement gatherers start? The key lies in iterative approaches. Only an iterative approach will allow us to be near the proverbial pot of gold and also all the business to see and evolve the requirement . After all they are also learning with the gatherer!!



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