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More legal advices expected from Apple..?

The original news items that inspired.. 
Apple to Samsung: Don’t Make Thin or Rectangular Tablets or Smartphones
Apple now adds insult to injury by advising Samsung on how to make a tablet that would not attract Apple’s ire…

Samsung had its share of legal advice from Apple on how to make tablets. Many other companies are now seeking legal counsel on new initiatives that may be fired by Apple. Two in particular; Helipad companies are distraught over rumours that Apple has now complete control on all forms of ipad. It is now believed that they have called for an industrial meet. The secretary of HeMUSA (Helipad Manufacturers of USA said that they are contemplating in protecting their products but is believed now that they may have been advised to change their products’ name to helopad . Fortunately helipads are not infringing Apple’s interest. An unknown source from Apple reputedly has on conditions of anonymity remarked that “As far as we can see helipads are round   or shaped like an ‘H’ and usually green, blue or grey… and have a lot of clutter”. He continued to add “… however they have ipad in their product and we feel that is not to our liking …”.

A startup company in India, the manufacturers of the anti drip adhesives are more confused than ever. Their product branded Dripad is forced to change to Drypad. This has happened after a long seesaw battle in the court and reportedly settled finally out of court for a very princely sum. Amongst industry circles it is believed that Apple is now contacting experts from the legal circles and the pundits in the British universities to see if there is scope in pursuing legal action against companies whose product names and brand that start with ‘eye’.

Fortunately all medial tablet companies are not bothered. They say “Angry birds and Siri are not supported in our products and we deal with ovals and round and no more than 250 milligrams, so there..”

On the side, what can be Samsung’s possible answer to Apple’s advice on making the new tablet?

The rumour mill has started once again. Samsung it is believed has decided to follow Apple’s advice. A slew of design changes have been announced. The new range will now be shaped like an apple. The stem will house a power aerial for communications. The button controls will be on the edges and the screen will be available in all colours except black. It will be operated by a chalk piece. Some observers said it is more like a slate.

School children were very happy that it can be used for classrooms as well.



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