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Tulika goes to office…

Tulika-CalendarMonday morning. A new week, great sunshine outside.

Tulika was upset. Weekdays, especially Mondays always made her depressed. The weekend gave her a sense of freedom. She did not have to wear that dress. What an awful dress! However, she had no choice. The bad elements outside her house and all the way to her office always made her cringe. She often wished she could stay at home and work. Beauty is skin deep, but try telling it to the street elements.

Weekends were much more enjoyable. She loved to spend it at home away from the gazes of the outside. She could dress more freely and not really worry, or wonder, whether whatever she chose to wear was acceptable or not.

The weekdays were a very different matter altogether. She could not imagine dressing the way she did on weekends.

It was Monday and she could not help but go through the motions of dressing up for the office.

She wore her regular dress. Now it was terrible part where she had to cover her dress while the dress covered her.

Up came headdress painstakingly folded at right places to make sure not a bit of her smooth silky hair was visible.

That still did not do justice to her cheeks and her neck. So on came another coverlet crafted to cover her cheeks and the neck as well.

Already from neck down, she was fully clothed.  Then came on the glasses. Tulika had a certified vision. Nevertheless, she did not want her family to scold her for exposing her eyes. So glasses it was.

She finally donned her gloves that effectively ensured her palms and fingers were totally covered.

She retrieved her two-wheeler keys went down in the scorching sun. She was overdressed and she knew it.

It was 8.00 am and she would be in the office by 9.00 am. Another day, another elaborate dressing.

Bangalore, for many such Tulikas’ continues to be polluted. She hoped she had packed her face cream in the backpack.


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