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Nonsense – 4

My fourth installment of Nonsense. The other three are here, here and here.

This story is all about another friend of mine who wanted to be a chef, but turned out that he excelled at something else altogether different.

Ranbir wanted to be a chef. He did everything to be one. He used to watch cookery shows, practice cooking at every opportunity and even volunteered to help in marriages with the caterers, hoping to learn the trade.

SpiceRackHe ardently collected recipes, from newspapers, magazines etc. Always with a read pen and paper he used unfailingly waylay street food vendors and ask for recipes. Once he and his friend Falikha, cooked at some celebrity’s house, a certain Kunal – his family name escapes me – and created a brouhaha of sorts amongst the paparazzi. His friends used to send regular recipes on his mobile. Once another friend of his presented Ranbir a designer spice rack.

Made of wood and neat stickers marking the various spices. It looked and very elegant. Ranbir fell in love with the rack and it became the star of his kitchen. All this passion for cooking vanished the day he got an opportunity to act in a romantic tragedy from Jaylee, his connect in the Bollywood. His long-standing ambition to act became a reality and sadly cooking took a back seat.

Ranbir took to acting like fish to water. He had already acted in 11 movies. He was doing his twelfth movie now. A romantic drama movie and he was hoping at least for a nomination, if not an award. Ranbir realised that he was not to be a chef and he looked around to dispose of all his culinary related collections.

Ranbir in search of a suitable person to whom he could gift his spice rack decided that Arnab would be the most suitable candidate. Earlier I had mentioned about Arnab Sen, a chef who gave me an amazing experience at Gura Humorului.  Those curious can click here.

In the excitement of receiving this wonderful gift, Arnab could not contain his emotions and he decided to call Ranbir.

“Where is the dill container?” he asked.

Ranbir was very upset. He wanted to scream at Arnab that the dill was at the bottom rack. His head was full dialogues and songs from his ongoing movie. Instead, he told Arnab curtly, “बदतमीज दिल”.



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